The Enterprise Social Workflow Application

Get Social Workflow. Get Marketing Done!

You are a modern business, you’re driven to succeed and that means getting the word out. Marketing budgets, profit margins and prospect attention spans are shrinking. You need to wring efficiencies out of your marketing programs and leverage all the expertise in your organization – your marketing processes have to be managed, measured and improved. You have to work in a transparent, collaborative fashion – you have to be social.

Making it easy to get a full view of your marketing processes is critical to success, but most organizations lack an effective, repeatable way to manage their marketing activities, they rely on email, faxes, to-do lists and phone calls.

Sparqlight, the world’s leading enterprise social workflow application, makes it easy for today’s improvisational, geo-dispersed marketing teams to share information, assign goals and to-do’s, and easily manage their programs from conception to completion, every step of the process, via a familiar, powerful social interface.

Key Sparqlight Benefits

  • A single business network unites personal, HR group and company workflow. Accurately track who’s working on what, and what needs to be done now from a familiar social interface. Smart filters focus work streams in a snap. In two clicks, generate a program progress report, or see high priority items due today.
  • Activate workflow templates to accelerate common, repetitive tasks like KO program, track social metrics or press outreach. Create rules that trigger automations, and let Sparqlight do your work for you: from the smallest task to the most complex corporate initiative.
  • Analytics give access to a wide range of reports including real-time measurement of key performance indicators (KPI’s). Personal dashboards help benchmark your own results against your team members. Accountability has never been easier to track, analyze and improve.
  • Integrate with CRM Systems and merge social workflow with your marketing automation tasks. Now changes in lead, opportunity, or account status can trigger Sparqlight marketing templates and automations. All this comes with transparent, real-time integration with Sparqlight Workflow, making it easier than ever to seamlessly see what’s going on in your marketing organization.
  • Sparqlight comes with pre-built Template Packs to make automating and socializing marketing simple – in fact, you can be up and running in minutes. Templates like “KO Program”, “Track Web Lead Status” or “Two-click Program Review” come included in the system and can easily be installed, then edited to suit your specific needs.

Why wait? There’s no risk!

Join Sparqlight now for free. Simply enter your work email—or use one of your existing accounts—to instantly experience the power of enterprise social workflow. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team.