The Enterprise Social Workflow Application

Liberate yourself from tedious tasks, and make work a joy! At Sparqlight, we believe repetitive tasks should be done by machines. Inventive, ingenious work should be created by people.

Sparqlight: The Enterprise Social Workflow Application

Sparqlight, the world’s leading cloud-based Enterprise Social Workflow Application is Smart, Simple and Social. It’s a better way to measure, improve and get more done.

Now, sophisticated workflow is no longer the domain of the Fortune 500 nor is it hampered by the twin legacy constraints of complexity and cost. Anyone can deploy social workflow not only to the work of a few team members, but it can include every person and every system in your organization. That’s powerful, that’s revolutionary, that’s getting work done. #GWD

From the smallest task to the most complicated company-wide initiative, Sparqlight eliminates outdated, unorganized collaboration methods like email and endless meetings, and allows you to experience the pure joy of simply getting work done.

Why wait? There’s no risk!

Join Sparqlight now for free. Simply enter your work email—or use one of your existing accounts—to instantly experience the power of enterprise social workflow. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team.