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Enterprise Social is about getting work done.

Enterprise Social Workflow

Manage, track and automate personal, team and company-wide workflows in a cloud-based enterprise social workflow application.

Workflow Analytics

Benchmark personal performance against team members, compare company-wide results, and track KPIs (key performance indicators).

Workflow Automation

Let Sparqlight do your work! Templates and Actions help perform repetitive tasks, so you can focus on the creative, innovative work you love.

Google Apps Integration

Easily browse your shared documents inside Sparqlight, and attach Google Docs to any Sparlight record.

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Discover Sparqlight: intuitive and feature-rich enterprise social workflow!

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Enterprise Social Workflow Quick Look
Learn more about Enterprise Social Workflow and Sparqlight

Enterprise Social Workflow (ESW) is about getting work done. It combines popular social networking conventions to help you work better; providing new forms of workflow collaboration, visibility into business processes, workflow analytics, and automation.
In contrast to legacy enterprise software, which requires and imposes rigid structure prior to use, ESW encourages improvisational collaboration, agile processes and methodologies, and work discovery.

Sparqlight is the Enterprise Social Workflow Application. It’s a perfect complement to your overall business management strategy. We built it to help you identify, understand, create, execute, and measure your business’ best practices, key performance indicators, and the elements of repeatable success that multiply your competitive advantage. What’s more, Sparqlight helps you identify and develop your best talent in your organization by providing deep insights into productivity, workflow effectiveness over time, and bottom-line impact of individual and group contributors.

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The Enterprise Social Workflow Solution

Enterprise Social Workflow comprises these key elements: a Social Workflow interface where work gets created and done; Workflow Analytics, where workflow can be measured and visualized over time; and Workflow Automation, where work can be accelerated or completed by computers.

Social Workflow

The place where work gets done, Sparqlight’s Social Workflow interface wraps rich workflow functionality in the familiar social networking metaphor. Simple to use, but extremely powerful, users are able to be productive in seconds (we’ve measured it). For power users and managers, Sparqlight’s filters, sorting options, saved views, “Super Tags”, and Quick Charts provide a multitude of options to view and organize workflow. Templates provide one-click access to repeatable workflows and best practices, such as “onboard new customer”, “exit interview”, “perform weekly maintenance”, “assess learning requirements”, or “qualify prospect”. The possibilities are endless. Templates are central to driving key performance indicators and metrics that matter to your bottom line.

Workflow Analytics

Too often, business analytics are about vanity metrics or ancient history. Not with Sparqlight. Everything in Sparqlight’s Workflow Analytics is tied to your bottom line and impacting key business processes right now and into the future. Sparqlight’s Workflow Analytics allow you to project forward your company’s results. How? By looking at key performance indicators, and then calculating assigned workflows in the future, you can project business results.

Workflow Automation

At Sparqlight, we believe that tedious, repetitive work should be done by machines. Inventive, ingenious work should be created by people. Through our Workflow Automation solution, we aim to liberate you from tedious work by helping you automate tasks. Equally, we aim to accelerate your key processes, and orchestrate workflow (i.e., have multiple people collaborate on a complex business process simultaneously). Our Workflow Automation engine also handles integration with third-party systems such as your CRM, ERP, HR, and other “Systems of Record”. This capability is currently available to only a select set of Enterprise Edition beta customers, so please contact Sales for information at 1-310-707-8547 or

Sparqlight is the Enterprise Social Workflow Application. We invented the category because we are driven by the idea that Enterprise Social is about getting work done. #gwd